Laura Collado


Co-director, Producer

With real passion for storytelling, Laura moved from entertainment TV to documentary

working with award winning director Justin Webster on Al Jazeera’s “People and Power”.

With Andoliado she became associate producer of the Colombian film “La Casa” (2009) by

Tayo Cortés and developed MEDIA funded Chilean-Spanish documentary “Yorgos” (2015)

about contemporary Easter Island. With JWP she produced “Life from Others” (2012)

about Spanish transplant system.


Very involved in all the projects as creative producer, “Constructing Albert” (2017) is

Laura’s debut as a director. She is the cofounder and CEO of Trueday Films.


Jim Loomis

Co-director, DOP, Editor

After 15 years working in documentary, Jim Loomis’s credits as DOP and Editor include

films produced for broadcasters such as BBC, DK, ARTE, Al Jazeera International, CNN,

TVC and TVE. He is also cofounder of Trueday Films.


“Photographing the Exodus” (2006) dir. Justin Webster - DOP

“Bieto’s Ghosts” (2006) dir. Justin Webster - DOP and Editor

”The Madrid Connection” (2007) dir. Justin Webster - DOP and Editor

“The Last White Man” (2009) dir. Justin Webster - Editor

“Aznar's Unfinished Business” (2010) dir. Justin Webster - DOP

“Ferran Adrià Revealed” (2010) dir. Justin Webster - DOP

“Convict the Judge” (2011) dir. Justin Webster - DOP

“Life from others” (2012) dir. Justin Webster - DOP

"Colgados de un sueño” (2012) dir Antonio Pérez Melero - Editor

“I Will be Murdered” (2013) dir. Justin Webster - Editor

"Constructing Albert" (2017) Director, DOP and Editor