Albert Adrià has all the ingredients of a creative genius. Playing a key role in the creation of elBulli, the greatest restaurant in history, wasn't enough. Escaping the shadow of his famous brother Ferran, Albert is seeking his own success.

“An audacious plan to independently establish five new restaurants in Barcelona within the space of a year…Constructing Albert represents both an insightful documentation of that process as well as a fascinating window on the challenges of meeting often rarefied expectations within haute cuisine circles; it will satisfy the appetites of both the curious and food-focused alike.”

Hollywood Reporter

SYNOPSIS: After the closing of Spain's legendary elBulli, the restaurant's unsung creative genius Albert Adrià, the younger brother of head chef Ferran, embarks on a herculean new endeavor-opening six completely unique restaurants in the heart of Barcelona to create a miracle mile of haute cuisine.

Filmmakers Laura Collado and Jim Loomis chronicle Albert’s journey from 2013 to the end of 2016. It offers an incredible opportunity to examine the raw creativity of a man obsessed with reinventing food concepts and expanding the way people view gastronomy. 

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